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Finding Five: Embracing Remembrances of Those Who Have Passed

(A book of loss and remembrance for juvenile readers) 

by Nancy Stewart Bagshaw


Finding Solace and Comfort in the Memories of Those We Have Lost

After the death of a loved one, how does a family handle the discussions about that person, especially if the life that was lost was that of a child? Finding Five is a touching and an inspirational account of Katy’s aunt waking to an uneasy feeling on what would have been her niece’s thirteenth birthday but then finding a path on the sand that leads to both peaceful clarity and alternative thinking that shatters taboos. This beautiful book fills the gaps in children’s literature regarding the subject of conversations concerning death and may be read by families looking for comfort or inspiration. It is the celebration of the memories of how a young life was lived that soften the grief of how that life was lost.


Five to Fifty: The Search Never Ends

(Personal Growth | Happiness)

by Gayathri Devi Ramachandran 


                    The Quest of Our Everlasting Search for Happiness

Even though our different personalities create a colorful collage, we all match through our constant search for one thing: happiness. Five to Fifty demonstrates the Search by truthfully presenting the point of view of a representative human being at different stages of life. Starting with the pliable age of five, a person named Krish moves simultaneously through the chapters of this book and the chapters of his life. Each chapter puts us into a respective point of view, discusses how a person got into that mindset, and leaves us to further reflection by opening up a discussion. It is through thought and such discussion that one can recognize the potential of one’s happiness. The purpose of the book is not to teach how to be happy, but to showcase the source of happiness; the author’s goal is to have the reader come to a self-realization, rather than come by the prints of the author’s thoughts. Are you ready to search?

The book answers some intriguing questions, such as

  •      Why does a child/teen/young adult behave in such a way?
  •      Is there a formula for basic happiness?
  •     Why is one still not happy in personal success?
  •    Will physical exercise, such as yoga, help us focus on happiness?

We see successful people all the time in search of their own happiness. What is missing? Five to Fifty lays the building blocks to those questions and arms you with examples and adages.


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