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The Nanon Factor

By Wayne Carey

The professor has been murdered and only his pets know why . . .

Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and the murder of a professor whose work challenges the definition of “human intelligence” collide in this gripping young-adult mystery. With her neighbor, Professor Wallace, found shot to death, sixteen-year-old Katie Tyler takes it upon herself to care for his orphaned pets, a German Shepherd named Sam and a cat named Sophia. Katie, a martial arts student, soon discovers there is far more to these animals than anyone could imagine: they are subjects of the late professor’s work and the recipients of enhanced intelligence, which combined with their own animal senses makes Sam and Sophia “superhuman.” With her father, Police Detective Tyler, at a loss to solve the case, it is up to Katie, Sam, Sophia and a rat (named “Rat”) to unravel the mystery, find the professor’s killers, and prevent the discovery of the century from falling into evil hands. Will they make it?


“Non-stop action and a great deal of fun, THE NANON FACTOR features characters, furred and otherwise, who ring true and make us care. Highly enjoyable.”

~Julie E. Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles from DAW Books

"Fast-paced fun with intelligent house pets, murder, mystery, and speculation."

~John E. Stith- Nebula Award nominee and author of Redshift Rendezvous


"A fun read! Meet Sam and Sophia, who are not your average detectives. Especially since they have a huge handicap to overcome in order to find a killer. Katie Tyler and her family join the investigation, providing a way through the handicap but also complicating matters. Too vague a teaser? It's meant to be! This story was a lot of fun and I cannot give more details without giving things away! The characters are believable, Katie's worries are sympathetic, and the twists in the investigation are welcome-and the pseudo-science underlying the story definitely adds an extra bit of spice. Wayne Carey weaves a great tale and one hopefully will grab you and hold on!"

~Herika R Raymer


Justi the Gifted

By R.R. Brooks



A gift from a god can be good. But what if it is damaged?

Barbarians, bringing death and slavery, invade and all but destroy the Kingdom of Zell. The only hope for the people’s salvation lies with a young peasant boy. Gifted with a sense of justice by the god Li, this child, named Justi, will grow to be a young man blessed with the power to save the kingdom, meanwhile cursed with a power to kill—a power beyond his control. The prophecy of this wounded land has foretold of Justi’s coming and his meeting with another of the gifted, a young and beautiful girl his age who carries a great secret. But those who stop at nothing, influenced by the dark power of Dar, use kidnapping, assassination, and seduction to block their union and prevent them from fulfilling their destiny. With help from many Zellish, Justi must use powers at his command to avert disaster and to face the one fear that has haunted him: killing an innocent. 


“A fun quick read, Justi the Gifted leaves you wanting more.”

 ~LB Tillit, award-winning author of the Gravel Road series

“From the start, the reader is pulled into this Tolkienesque tale of a protagonist unwilling to believe at first of his special powers and the quest he must undertake to impose justice in a world of marauding barbarians. The writing sets a pace that makes the book hard to put down. The author paints vivid images in a rich tableau of memorable characters. Justi the Gifted is a happy diversion for all of us escapees from humdrum reality.  Entertaining and fun.”

 ~Rob Jacoby, writing as Robert Ryland, The Little Rock Messenger and Dream Traveler



Nikki & Nick are Great Friends to Pick!

By Marina Sergeyeva



“If you’re looking for a friend that will never end, look in this book and you’ll get hooked….”

A lack of picture books targeting advanced readers created a need for this book. The premise is to recreate the magic of reading, for any generation—such enchantment as in the manner that our first fascinating colorful books delivered—but which accomplishes something beyond, “a book sprinkled with information..“

Nikki and Nick are Great Friends to Pick, combines whimsical poetry, beautiful illustrations, and real facts, and makes a wonderful read bringing parents and children together; recommended for ages six and up.


                    Review of Nikki & Nick are Great Friends to Pick!

"Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick" is a series of illustrated, illuminated poems to be read by parent and child together. Poems' subjects range from the need to cultivate respectful tidiness to unhealthy disputes. Each page has a child's poem and a parent's suggestion and enrichment page with full page illustrations spilling over throughout. Vocabulary is incorporated first into the verse and then into the illustrations, with brief definitions. Charming whimsical pastel illustrations lend a touch of fantasy, while unusual language choices spice up the narrative verse. A poem titled "A-Bun-Done-T Goodies" addresses computer readiness and literacy, for example. Characters Nikki and Nick help open up this strange and inviting world. An example of a witty poem is Detective Duck: "You know what I once noticed/when looking at a masked face of a duck?/ He tried to disguise yet fell flat so hissed./ Then wolf on his beak creaked ajar. (No, no QUACK!)/... But I was painfully kissed. :'(/ (So I guess he won on his luck!)" For an intriguing experience of exploring books and poems together, read "Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick" with your closest 6 year old."

 ~ The Midwest Book Review--Children’s Bookwatch




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