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We all have heard the expression, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Of course that expression arose back when book covers were green, black, or dark red with only the title and author’s name on them.  Since that time, book covers have changed greatly--with many showing exciting scenes that will make the potential reader want to pause and inspect a novel, turn it over, and look inside. In today’s market, there are tens of thousands of choices, both online and in bookstores. Often what will make or break a book sale will be an eye-catching image and the overall quality of the work, where the cover art plays a critical part.

We at Leo Publishing, LLC, take the art of the book cover very seriously because we know that a professional-looking and an exciting cover is the key to capturing a reader’s attention and putting that book into that reader’s hands.  That is why we salute our featured artists who bring all of the excitement, adventure, mystery, and even child-like wonder to life on the covers of books produced by Leo Publishing, LLC.  We are both proud and pleased to introduce you to the exceptional artwork of our featured artists.



  Adam Brown has been painting for as long as he can remember. In kindergarten onwards, he was the kid with stacks of paper and crayons who won all the art contests. He even designed the school shirts. After graduation, he attended the Missouri Fine Arts Academy, a tree-week statewide camp at Missouri State University. At Drury University in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri, he studied Architecture, PR/Marketing, and Graphic Design, where he produced many pieces and won several awards. Sadly, during his final semester, someone stole all of his brushes and paint. That, coupled with the destruction of his favorite paintings, stored in his mother’s basement, from moisture, caused Adam to give-up painting for several years.

All of that changed in 2005 when Adam met Amanda. They were engaged after five months. She was, and remains to this day, Adam’s greatest inspiration, along with their beautiful daughter Lily, born in 2008. Adam started painting again for them, and decided to pursue his artistic passion. In 2011, he opened his graphic design firm, Voss Visuals, and has since expanded into other fields.



  Aga Korfanty comes from Poland. She graduated from C.K. Norwid State Visual Arts High School in Lublin. In 1992 Aga was granted a title of visual artist with specialization in arranging exhibitions. The theme of her diploma thesis was poetry-inspired illustrations based on Charles Baudelaire’s French poem “The Flowers of Evil.” The artistic creation influenced by the verse of this brilliant poet served as a leitmotif in the calendar for the year of 1993, for which she received an “A” mark.

Ms. Korfanty makes paintings, book illustrations, educational materials, CD covers, and develops logotypes and trademarks. She collaborates with many publishing houses, organizations, and institutions in Poland. She’s also present in the life of Polish communities. Aga Korfanty collaborates with Polonica, a publishing house from Stockholm, and with The Pedagogical Centre for Polish Minority Schools in Český Těšín on an ongoing basis.

One of her excellent experiences in the professional and cultural area was her cooperation with Meg Walsh for whom she made wonderful illustrations for the book Mama, won’t you play with me? This publication succeeded and won 2010 Pinnacle Book Achievement award in the category of children's interest.

For a description of this artist, read this wonderful review:

Aga Korfanty is like a magnet who attracts people – BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” – with these words New Polish Newspaper editor-in-chief, Mr Tadeusz Nowakowski from Stockholm, described Aga and defined her work.



   Sébastien Annoni is a 27-years-old illustrator, born next to Paris the eleventh of January, year 1987. At the age of 11 he moved to Bordeaux in the south-west of France. Quickly, he started to draw and his passion for illustration shows. Later, he studied plastic art at Bordeaux University, but the following year he returned to Paris in order to learn animation at Sainte Genevieve Institute. Then after three years, he moved to Nantes, Brittany, to attend Pivot University and obtain his degree in illustration.




  Zachary Havas was trained in Paris, France, where he lived for fifteen years. Havas studied printing methods, engraving, lithography, aluminum and screen printing. The graphic methods necessary for the creation of printing templates influenced his overall drawing technique, with the use strong lines and interlocking shapes to create images. His work is based on architectural form, in the way that things can fit together and become structured. Zachary was influenced by colonial Spanish architecture of the Moorish period, as well, with its ornate decorations and geometrical constructions. Havas tries to represent these in his artwork by picking up on patterns and structures reflecting natural formations or the markings of animals.

Zachary Havas is the cover artist chosen for Ace of Aces, released in 2013.





    Montgomery Triz : created the cover art for RED MOON.  The original painting for the novel was done in oils on a 24 X 36 inch canvas. Mr. Triz’s artistic talent now graces the cover of Condosaur, Chris Berman’s science fiction-horror novel.  Like Red Moon, the cover image for Condosaur was created in oils on canvas.

Montgomery Triz, well known artist and exhibition creator, was the man responsible for the interior work at the Boston Tea Party Museum, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, completed in 2013.





Marshal Fontaine:  Marshal Fontaine created the cover art for THE HIVE, a classic science fiction tale of an alien invasion.  Marshal has worked for such luminaries in the entertainment industry as Disney Studios and Pixar Studios as well as Apple Computers as an artist and graphic designer.



 Marina Buryak: Along with her many credentials, Marina Buryak is an illustrator and graphic designer, who has created book covers, logos, and illustrations for children’s books.    






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