Europe's largest floating 3-D multimedia fountain.

Please enjoy this video of the most beautiful fountain display in Europe.  This unique creation is located in the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, and attracts over 20,000 visitors to the city each week. Every evening a 25 minute long, thrilling story is told featuring water, music, laser, light and colors. The fountain was funded by Pyotr Poroshenko.  This is the largest social-cultural private project in the history of Ukraine. The fountain is 140 meters in length (465 feet) and can project water columns 70 meters high (230 feet).  The fountain is located in the Bug (Boog) River and is the largest of its kind. The fountain is part of an upgrading project to the waterfront that cost 70 million US dollars. It opened on September 4th of 2011 and it is a sound and light fountain where holographic images are projected onto fantastic displays of water, illumined by a projection camera, colored lasers and  accompanied by music for a spectacular show. Over 70,000 people attended the opening.  




If you would like to see more of the fountain show, please go to this link.

Fountain show



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