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Marios Koutsoukos

Marios Koutsoukos was born in 1983. He has degrees in French Language and Literature from the National University of Athens framed on his wall and a mess on his desk. An amateur historian and antiquarian, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe by train, getting into all sorts of adventures. Currently he lives on a farm in Western Greece, near the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games, writing about other people?s adventures. He is also a local Rock radio producer, and since 2001 he has been involved in the international Folk Metal scene as a part-time musician and a full-time lyricist.


 Loretta Moore

Loretta Moore is an African-American female writer of many genres, residing in Dover, Delaware. She is married, the mother of three, and a grandmother of eight. Moore is a multi-published author with several novels to her credit. Other published works include poetry, essays, and short stories in several magazines and journals. Moore also contributes to a church newsletter.

Moore is also a playwright and several of her dramas and musicals have been full productions. Presently, two of her plays are in the hands of theaters in Philadelphia, PA, and New York City. Ghostwriting is another area that Loretta Moore enjoys. She has a college degree in English and has received literary and theatrical recognition and awards. She belongs to an honor society and other laudable organizations, and volunteers in her community and church. Her interests include writing, reading, listening to and playing music, and attending theater and concerts, as well as involving in outdoor activities. Currently, her next writing project keeps her very busy.



Wayne Carey

A life-long fan of science fiction, Wayne Carey grew up reading H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov, and all the grand masters of the genre, guiding him toward a career in science with degrees in biology and education and providing the desire to write from an early age. A love of classic and noire films, such as Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon, also influences his writing.

He and his wife Brenda live in the wilds of Central Pennsylvania with their three children, who provide a great deal of inspiration for his work. 



Brent D. Seth

Brent D. Seth began telling stories as a small child, mostly about monsters in the basement.  However, when this little boy saw his first television images of the surface of Mars, he fell instantly in love with space, an affair that has only grown over time.  Without the math skills to pursue a career in science (or balance a checkbook), he combined his fascination with space and his love for storytelling.  Monsters in the basement became monsters from the stars.

In his adult life, he has worked in retail, construction, and even a brief stint as a professional gardener.  Although his sarcastic mouth often caused trouble for him in the workplace, it adds a certain distinction to his writing.  He insists that anything can be funny from the right point of view.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois, Mr. Seth now lives in Michigan with his partner (who balances the checkbook) and several spoiled cats.


R. R. Brooks

Robert R. Brooks, a native of New Jersey, writes fiction as R.R. Brooks, in the fantasy and mystery genres.  Several schools, including the school of experience and The Great Smokies Writing Program of the University of North Carolina, have honed Bob?s talent.  The short story ?Soul Snatch,? an honorable mention in a Writers Digest competition, has been published along with other science fiction and fantasy pieces.  One of his two plays has been staged.  Bob?s writing life involves active membership in both the Blue Ridge Writers Group and the Appalachian Round Table, service as a judge for the Brevard Little Theater Annual Play Competition, and being a reader for the Eric M. Hoffer Award. 

With degrees from Princeton and Johns Hopkins University, Bob spent his career doing research and development in the pharmaceutical industry in New York and Ohio, authoring numerous scientific articles and abstracts. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry. Now retired in western North Carolina, he balances writing with reading, golf, bridge, the arts, and walking the dog.  He and his wife care for said dog and two cats, except when traveling to visit children and grandchildren in places distant from the Tarheel State. 

He continues to write short stories and novels.  A science fiction?thriller novel is being revised.  With co-author A.C. Brooks, he is finishing a mystery with a paranormal and psychological-twist.  A sequel to Justi the Gifted is in the works.


Nancy Stewart Bagshaw

 Nancy Stewart Bagshaw was born and raised in Riverhead on eastern Long Island. Both she and her husband, David, live in their hometown. She appre-ciates the local beaches and farms that add to the area?s beauty.

A year in Brazil as an exchange student led her to study journalism and languages at the Pennsylvania State University; she holds a post graduate degree in adolescent education from Dowling College.  Her love of reading led her to pursue a post graduate degree in literacy at Long Island University, where she developed her interest in writing.

Ms. Bagshaw teaches Spanish to students in grades 7 through 12 and to adults. She loves exploring world cultures and traditions.

Ms. Bagshaw?s work will be published through Seagull Books, the nonfiction division of Leo Publishing.


Gayathri Devi Ramachandran

Gayathri Devi Ramachandran is an author, a domain consultant in a software firm, and an MCA graduate, living and working in India.  Ms. Ramachandran believes every human being is both creative and talented, but it requires one to find the right path at the right time to truly flourish. Gayathri Devi Ramachandran takes her mother?s words to heart that we should never just be born, live, and die without leaving our footprints in history by helping others grow through our own growth.  

Ms. Ramachandran, who holds a post graduate degree in Yoga and Naturopathy, believes that yoga is the basis for human science, but this has been forgotten over time. This is now the era in which, by rediscovery through self-realization with the help of yoga and meditation, the goal of a healthy and happy life can be achieved.

Gayathri Devi Ramachandran is the happy daughter of Mr. K. Balaraju and Mrs. B.Vijayalakshmi, a happy wife of Mr. Ramachandran and a proud mother of Master R. Kheerthivasan and Selvi R. Dheekshitha.

Ms. Ramachandran?s work will be published through Seagull Books, the nonfiction division of Leo Publishing.


E. N. De Choudens

 De Choudens was born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, where he enjoyed the blue sea and the nice sun. If he was not practicing scuba diving, fishing, surfing, camping or any other outdoor activity, he was reading some horror or science fiction book or magazine. He studied Marine Biology at the University of Puerto Rico and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to the outdoor activities, the author has a fascination for antiques cars, and he tries to enjoy any classic car auto-show or museum. During the past years he has published various poems and short stories in different magazines, e-zine, and anthologies.  Coming from a Spanish culture, the English language is the major challenge for his writing, making every publication a major personal success.  Now he is living with his wife and his two kids in the state of Maryland, missing the sun and the blue sea but embracing new experiences and adventures.


Jack Lundy 

 Jack Lundy:  Born in Texas, Jack sums up his feeling with the Navaho expression Yatahey, which is both a greeting and a blessing.  Jack Lundy is a man of many experiences in life, having been a cowboy ranch hand, a chemist, factory worker.  He received a BA degree in philosophy and master?s degrees in business and English.

Lundy?s love of poetry grew and flowered from his teaching of English to Korean students. Finding the lessons somewhat overly complicated for his students, Jack began writing poetry to help them better understand English. Lundy also holds certificates in Arabic language from the University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and professional photography from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Sports was another of Jack?s passions with soccer being a game that he excelled in.  Among his other accomplishments are martial arts, ballet, and photography.  Like the famous impressionist artist Edgar Degas, Jack concentrated on photographing graceful ballet dancers for the past 20 years.  While in Hawaii, Lundy fell in love with the long hair of the feminine mystique, which manifests itself in his collection of poems.

Together, Jack Lundy?s poetry and photography create a unique visual and literary collection called Aphrodite and other Poetraits, which is certain to delight and entertain the reader.    


 Marina Sergeyeva 

 Marina Sergeyeva received literally a second life, almost eight years after the loss of her father due to surgical complications. The thirty-three letters that she learned at an early age of ten months would be unusable in this new life in a foreign country. Despite the initial language challenge, her poetry drive did not cease across the seas. While still in Ukraine, the greats and honorable of her nation inspired her passion for words from the beginning, so she then kept a small, Ukrainian/Russian journal of poetry. Here, she was a dance major in a magnet high school. She enjoys and practices not only the many forms of art, but also she has passion for the academics, particularly medicine. Now an early graduate with biochemistry and math degrees, she awaits to continue her journey into the medical world. Although she lives on the second floor, her life continues only upstairs.

 Chris Berman 

 Chris Berman grew up reading science fiction novels and stories and begun his own writing career after recovering from a bicycle accident. His first novel, The Hive, was originally released in 2009. Mr. Berman?s writing defines a set style in creating novels of hard science fiction, techno-thrillers, alternate history, and horror?with each work of fiction, a unique literary adventure.  He holds a Master of Arts in Military History and has an extensive background in spaceflight and astronomy.


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