“I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.”
                                                                                                            John Steinbeck


  LEO News
 Author Loretta Moore will be attending THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT 2016. Ms. Moore will be signing copies of her new release, BOTTOM TALES AND OTHERS. The event will be held on October 29, from 8:30 until 3:30 at the Delaware State University Campus at the Bank of America Building, Longwood Auditorium, 1200 N. Dupont  Highway, Dover, DE. The event is FREE and everyone is welcome.

Update on author R. R. Brooks  from NC Writers: Member activities .


“Friday, September 9, 12:00 pm
Polk County Public Library, 1289 W. Mills St., Columbus
R.R. Brooks, author of the young adult epic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted, will tell about the origin of his coming-of-age tale set in time-before-time. He'll describe features of the story that make it a fun read for young and adult readers: the damaged gift, the teenage love, the nasty barbarian.”


 We proudly announce the release of BOTTOM TALES AND OTHERS, by Loretta Moore.

Imagine a community where neighbors all know and assist each other, where they never have to lock their doors. A myth, a pleasant dream? No, this once-vibrant African American community existed as part of Philadelphia, until federally funded “urban renewal” erased it from existence. This neighborhood of friends and neighbors was known as “The Bottom.”  It is through Bottom Tales and Others that this vanished community of over 5000 inhabitants again lives. Like raising Lazarus from the dead, author Loretta Moore brings this once-thriving community back to life for you to experience, along with the edifying journeys the Bottom inspires.

R.R. Brooks, author of JUSTI THE GIFTED, will be facilitating an author’s forum at the Transylvania Library in Brevard, North Carolina, on Aug 11. The event is sponsored by the Brevard Author’s Guild.   
Leo author Wayne Carey was a guest author at the Sci-Fi Valley Con. Wayne had an excellent experience selling a number of copies of his book, The Nanon Factor. A copy was given to the Geek Girl Project for a review and Wayne had the opportunity to meet actor John Rhys-Davies. Wayne presented Mr. Rhys-Davies with a signed copy of his book. In return, Wayne Carey received an autographed picture of the well-known actor.  
 R.R. Brooks participated in an open mic night, where he read excerpts from his book, Justi the Gifted. The event was held by the Transylvania Arts Council in Brevard, North Carolina. An open mic night is held each year on the last Monday in June. The reading was followed by questions and critiques. Much attention was afforded R.R. Brooks for the quality of Justi the Gifted, including book design, type setting, cover art, and the excellent reviews for the book. 
Archive of LEO News

R. R. Brooks will be signing his book, JUSTI THE GIFTED at Barnes & Noble, Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC on July 11 from 4 to 6 PM. For those in the Asheville, NC, area, please join him.   


R.R. Brooks read a scene from JUSTI THE GIFTED before fellow authors and the public at “Open Mic Night” on June 29, 2015 in Brevard, NC.  The event was sponsored by the Transylvania County Arts Council and hosted by the Brevard Authors Guild.  In the short reading, Bob used the scene in which hero Justi first learns of his strange power.


Our author Nancy Bagshaw attended the Port Jefferson Book Fair (New York) over the weekend, where she discussed and promoted her book, Finding Five.



Our author Wayne Carey attended the Sci Fi Valley Con in Altoona, Pa., this past weekend. This is the fourth year this growing science fiction con has been held. Wayne promoted his soon-to-be-released young adult book, THE NANON FACTOR, generating interest in the book.


 This past weekend, author Brent D. Seth hosted a writer’s panel at OutlandCon on using your real experiences to create tales for science fiction and fantasy. Look for Brent D. Seth’s newly released debut novel, SHORT FUSE.



Our author Nancy Stewart Bagshaw will be interviewed on WRIV- 1390 AM, Long Island’s first and oldest radio station, during the 9:00 morning hour this Friday, April 10. Nancy, who lost her young niece to cancer, is the author of FINDING FIVE.

For those on the Eastern Shore of Long Island, don’t forget to tune in. For those outside of the WRIV listening area, you can hear Nancy through the station’s website at http://1390wriv.com. Mark you calendars!

  Book signing for Nancy Bagshaw!  On Sunday, April 26th our author Nancy Bagshaw will be signing copies of her book FINDING FIVE from 2:00 to 6:00 in Jamesport, NY. Nancy Bagshaw, a resident of Eastern Long Island, New York, wrote FINDING FIVE as a tribute to her young niece, Katy Stewart, who lost her battle to cancer. FINDING FIVE has ranked among Amazon’s top 100 sold books for children’s social issues. If you are in the area, come visit Nancy on April 26, 2015.



Author Marios Koutsoukos has revealed his new website, a slick and attractive modern design. His content is both entertaining and informative, with thought-provoking blogs. Marios Koutsoukos is a native of Greece and his insightful writings are a tribute to that nation that was the birthplace of myth, legend, and philosophical thoughts and ideas.  Marios‘s new novel SURIVOR OF ATLANTIS will be released through Leo Publishing, LLC, in the coming year.  Visit his website: www.marioskoutsoukos.com


R.R. Brooks spoke to the students of the Brevard Academy in North Carolina about Justi the Gifted.  Appearing at the invitation of Sonya Jenkins, the English and writing instructor for several grades, Bob Brooks discussed the writer’s journey, from concept, to manuscript, to the query process, to acceptance of his work from a publisher, and finally to the complete product, a published novel.

R.R. Brooks also did a reading of several excepts from Justi the Gifted, illustrating the development of his characters and how they evolve as the story develops, known in literature as the “hero’s journey.” This was followed by a question and answer session with the students from the fifth through eighth grade writing classes.


R.R. Brooks participated in the Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour this month to promote JUSTI THE GIFTED for the book’s release.  Fifteen authors were hosted to provide exposure of their works in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.  

 We are pleased to announce the release of R. R. Brooks’s novel JUSTI THE GIFTED, an exciting fantasy novel that is a treat for both adults and young adults.

Leo Publishing author Brent D. Seth experienced his first speaking engagement this past weekend, at the ConFusion science fiction convention in Dearborn, Michigan. Brent attended the con, which ran from January 16th through the 18th, and was a speaker on four panels, including one as a moderator (i.e. Post-Binary Gender in Science Fiction). Congratulation on holding down the fort as a moderator! His other panels included Fat Phobia in Fiction; Cats, Dragons, and Dr. Who; and Science or Science Fiction. Although Brent’s debut novel SHORT FUSE has not yet been released, his presence on four panels generated a lot of anticipation for his work. A job well done!


On January 8, 2015, author Nancy Stewart Bagshaw made a presentation to the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, New York. Nancy’s talk pertained to her recently released book, FINDING FIVE: EMBRACING REMEMBRANCES OF THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED, a tribute to her niece Katy, who lost her battle with cancer at age 12.  In her talk, Nancy shared about Katy’s natural curiosity and the enjoyment of Katy’s favorite things. While the loss of a young life is beyond tragic, the book is meant to celebrate, and talk openly about, the things that made Katy’s life special and to create more special moments as a family, embracing life to the fullest in Katy’s memory. The loved one lives on through the family’s collective memories and memorabilia.

Nancy also talked about finding one’s passion in life though the discovery of those things they excel in. After the presentation, people purchased books not only for themselves, but also for East End Hospice. The organization is happy to share the book with young people who are grieving.

Nancy Bagshaw is published through Seagull Books, the nonfiction imprint of Leo Publishing, LLC.



Author Nancy Bagshaw gets media attention in New York. Nancy Bagshaw, the author of FINDING FIVE: Embracing Remembrances of Those Who Have Passed, was interview by Tessa Raebeck of The Sag Harbor Express about her book, why she wrote it, and the story of her niece, Katy Stewart, who lost her young life to cancer at age 12. Nancy Bagshaw is a resident of Eastern Long Island, New York. FINDING FIVE is published through Seagull Books, the nonfiction imprint of Leo Publishing, LLC.



Congratulations to our author Nancy Stewart Bagshaw!  Finding Five has been listed as a top 100 Best Seller in teen and young adult social issues on the Amazon website! Nancy Bagshaw is an Amazon bestselling author!


Through Seagull Books, our nonfiction division, we have just released FINDING FIVE: Embracing Remembrances of Those Who Have Passed by Nancy Stewart Bagshaw.

Finding Five is a celebration of young life cut tragically short and the healing of the grief that follows through remembrance of a young girl’s life.


It’s October 10th and the lion is on the prowl. Today is the fourth anniversary of Leo Publishing. We have grown from just a few authors when we began to having over a dozen talented writers with a wide range of genres that make up Leo’s Pride.  Happy birthday, Leo!

As an anniversary surprise, our books will have distribution in Poland starting today, as the lion makes tracks around the world!


The Florida Times Union rarely will review a book from a small press publisher. This review marks the second time where Chris Berman’s book gets reviewed by this newspaper. Congratulations! 

Review by The Florida Times Union of DAS BELL 

“. . . Chris Berman continues to churn out noteworthy science fiction. Since he published “The Hive” in 2009, our world has been attacked by aliens in many forms.

In his latest, “Das Bell,” they take the form of Nazis from World War II. This enemy is not Nazi-like, but the real thing that escaped the final days of the war by passing through a portal to an alternative world. There they quickly subjugated a peaceful and nontechnical populace. Using them as slave labor to build deadly modern weaponry, now they are ready to invade by coming back through a portal to continue the struggle for world domination. Their deadly fifth column advance force of infiltrators reads like a who’s who of government bureaucrats.

“Although this all sounds irritatingly similar to an Indiana Jones saga, according to military historian Berman, this premise is based on fact. “The Bell” was one of the mysterious weapons from unknown (read: alien) sources that Nazi scientists were tinkering with at the end of hostilities. Berman incorporates and offers answers to other historical mysteries floating around from that era.

“Throw in a handsome American archaeologist/History Channel star, a “stunningly beautiful” Ukrainian academician, and a slightly over-the-hill (NEVER!) U.S. Navy SEAL, as well as a couple of alternate-world patriots, and you have a band of worthy adversaries that would make Clive Cussler salivate. . .”

~Tim O’Connell, book reviewer: The Florida Times Union


Leo Publishing has just released Chris Berman’s World War Two science fiction–alternate history novel, DAS BELL.

In Das Bell, Chris Berman speculates, “What if The Bell was a means of opening a gateway to an alternate world, one much like our own but less advanced and ripe for conquest. What if these Nazi conquerors’ ultimate plan was a return to our world to reclaim what had been lost to them seventy years ago?

Chris Berman states that in doing research on The Bell, quantum theory of the existence of alternate worlds, and the mystery of Hitler’s last days, science fiction–alternate history novel Das Bell was born. Early reviews of the novel have received praise from Nazi occult researcher and author of The Brotherhood of the Bell, Dr. Joseph Farrell; the Polish researcher who uncovered the secret Nazi Documents, Igor Witkowski; Professor of military history, John Broom; and New York Times–bestselling author, David Brin.

Look for Das Bell at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other fine booksellers: ISBN:978-1-941157-00-8. Try before you buy, read sample chapters of Das Bell at OUR BOOKS  If you think World War Two ended in 1945 . . . think again!


Chris Berman’s science fiction–horror novel receives a great review from The Florida Times Union

“. . . Chris Berman (“Red Moon” and “The Hive”) has outdone himself.

His new thriller involves real people facing and dealing with a believable, nightmarish horror. Written in a freewheeling, breathtaking style reminiscent of Michael Crichton and Peter Benchley, Condosaur is set in Boca Raton, the South Florida community of wealthy retirees — fodder for a creature that was on the top of the food chain 200 million years ago.

. . . a multifaceted adventure that will have everyone looking over their shoulder when they take out the nightly trash . . .

 Condosaur should soon attract the movie folks. Let’s hope their last names are Spielberg or Emmerich.”

~Tim O’Connell, book reviewer: The Florida Times Union


Congratulations to our author Gayathri Devi Ramachandran for being recognized with an award from her company, CSS Corp., for creating her book FIVE TO FIFTY: THE SEARCH NEVER ENDS. News of her book and her INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE AWARD has been circulated throughout her company’s branches in India and in the UK. If you too are searching for happiness in your life, please visit Amazon and read her book.


Congratulations to our author Nancy Bagshaw for being featured in Bridgehampton School spring newsletter!


Congratulations to Leo author E.N. De Choudens for receiving a fabulous review for his book, A Quick Look to an Insane Mind. The review was given by Blood Moon Rising Magazine, and a link to Mr. De Choudens’s review is below. http://bloodmoonrisingmagazine.com/bloodybookreviews56.html

“ . . . De Choudens did something unique.  He has taken a collection of poems with a narrative and ties it all together that makes it feel like a novel.

       The collection begins with END, a criminally insane man who offers to tell his view of his story despite the limitations of his cell.  Through the poems, haikus and narratives, you get a view of END’s life, what has happened to him and what he sees as the future of things . . . when you doubt yourself about what his character is, he reminds you that END is a bad person and is really crazy.  It is this off balanced approach that makes you want to keep reading forward to see what is on the next page. What ties it all together is the narrative which is used sparingly but effectively . . .”

 ~Blood Moon Rising Magazine

For anyone who enjoys a vicarious brush with the mind of a criminally insane killer, then you will enjoy A Quick Look to an Insane Mind, by E.N. De Choudens.     


Throughout our lives, we all search for one thing: happiness. Five to Fifty demonstrates the Search by truthfully presenting this journey through a representative human being at different stages of life. 

We have just released through Seagull Books FIVE TO FIFTY: The Search Never Ends by Gayathri Devi Ramachandran.

 Leo Publishing is pleased to announce the acceptance of the next manuscript of our author Wayne Carey for his science fiction novel AL’DAIR: THE ADVENTURES OF ANTHONY MICHAELS. This is not a typical “space opera,” but an intriguing tale of revolution, terrorism, friendship, and betrayal, set on an alien world, whose subjugated population is fighting to throw off the domination of powerful outsiders, with no one exactly sure who are the good guys and who are the bad.  


Please visit the blog of our author Marios Koutsoukos. He weaves together insightful information, stories and thoughts, and a bit of humor mixed into raw reality. http://marioskoutsoukos.blogspot.co.uk/


Leo Publishing is pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with our author Wayne Carey for his novel titled DARKEST BATTLE, a paranormal tale that set during the American Civil War, bringing the past and the present together in a story of suspense and intrigue. This novel had been released through another publisher several years ago, under the title MARCHING THROUGH SHADOWS. Mr. Carey had his publishing rights returned to him. The book has been updated and given a new title. Please extend your congratulations to Mr. Wayne Carey.


Please visit Nancy Bagshaw’s website. Her site contains information on her upcoming book, Finding Five, and how this can be integrated into a school’s curriculum. Nancy Bagshaw has written a guide for this purpose, containing ideas and lessons for a curriculum that includes global history, mathematics, and English/language arts, in an effort to connect to the Common Core Learning Standards.  It is a thoughtful site!

Happy Authors’ Day!

 November the first is a day when we honor those who enthrall, inform, and entertain us with their literary creations. Today we honor and congratulate all authors and especially our authors at Leo Publishing.

We’re not “lion”: Leo authors are the best!

“To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author.”

Charles Caleb Colton

 You can now visit the new website of our author Brent Seth, where you can read: a snippet of his upcoming book; some short stories; about how he became an author; and about his other hobbies. You may even “enter” and walk through his garden. It looks marvelous!
 We are proud to celebrate our third anniversary with some exciting news!

Leo Publishing is again on the prowl, hunting up new international readers. As of today, our authors’ books will be available for sale in Russia. This will give our authors even greater exposure to international markets, which already include the UK, Brazil, Germany, Australia, and the European Union.


Check out and like the new Facebook page of our author Nancy Stewart Bagshaw:



Our author Gayathri Devi Ramachandran created a Facebook author’s page. Please check it out and like it: https://www.facebook.com/#!/GdrsCreativeCorner


Our author’s, E. N. De Choudens’s, book A Quick Look to an Insane Mind is now featured as a NEW BOOK on the Preditors and Editors website.

Our author E. N. De Choudens created a Facebook author’s page. Please check it out and like
it:  https://www.facebook.com/ENDeChoudens?ref=hl


Also visit Marina Sergeyeva’s page to support our authors:  
A Quick Look to an Insane Mind, by E.N.De Choudens has been released.
Condosaur, by Chris Berman has been released.

Leo authors make a splash across the pond in the UK with pre-release reviews of Condosaur, by Chris Berman, and A Quick Look to an Insane Mind, by E. N. De Choudens. The review of Condosaur, a tale of predatory horror set loose in South Florida, came from Snakebite Horror Magazine. The dark side and terrifying thoughts of a serial-killer madman brought to life in the poetry and prose of A Quick Look to an Insane Mind was reviewed by Psychopomp Quarterly Anthology.

Along with magazine reviews, both books have received accolades from several well-known authors, writing in the genre of horror and science fiction. For a further look, please visit REVIEWS OF OUR BOOKS.


Nikki & Nick are Great Friends to Pick!  has received a highly positive review by Midwest Book Review and is featured on a book review magazine “Children’s Bookwatch” in the May 2013 issue.This review has been provided to the Helen C. White Library’s “Cooperative Children’s Book Center” where it will be made available to school and community libraries.  The review has also been provided to the Cengage Learning, Gale interactive CD-ROM series “Book Review Index” which is published four times yearly for academic, corporate, and public library systems. We congratulate our author Marina Sergeyeva!

Ace of Aces, by Chris Berman has been released.
 Good news for unpublished nonfiction writers! Leo Publishing announces our new nonfiction division, SEAGULL BOOKS. Authors with completed nonfiction manuscripts can submit to Seagull Books, using this link:  www.leopublishing.net/seagullbooks.htm
 Aphrodite and Other Poetraits, by Jack Lundy has been released.

LEO is pleased to announce that we have added the work of another cover artist to our talented group of artists creating enticing covers for our books.  LEO welcomes Zachary Havas who is creating the cover for ACE of ACES.  

  Leo Publishing is now a member of IBPA.
  Leo Publishing is now a member of LibraryThing.


 Leo Publishing has now joined the Facebook community. We have a company page which you can connect with when you're browsing.  Like our page the next time you're on!



The Lion is on the Prowl


Leo Publishing has just expanded their territory, making our authors’ titles available for sale in Germany and Brazil with availability in other countries coming in the near future.  Leo Publishing already has national distribution within the United States as well as Great Britain, the E.U., and Australia.  Leo is on the move bringing our authors’ exposure in more international markets, and bringing our books to a larger audience of readers.

 Red Moon rises again!

 Leo Publishing, LLC is proud to announce we have obtained the publishing rights to RED MOON, an exciting tale set in the near future about the battle for control of the Moon’s resources between China and a US led international coalition.  RED MOON has won acclaim from NASA astronauts and others involved in the United States space program. RED MOON has been reissued with new artwork in a hardcover edition.  Look for RED MOON.



The HIVE returns!  

Leo Publishing is pleased to receive the rights for Chris Berman's The Hive.


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