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 Bottom Tales and Others

(Collection of short stories)

    by Loretta Moore

                                      Softcover: 126 pages

                                      Language: English

                                                  ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-05-3

                                     Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5  inches


 A lost world revealed: the bottom, an African American community that once existed in the city of Philadelphia 

Imagine a community where neighbors all know and assist each other, where they never have to lock their doors. A myth, a pleasant dream? No, this once-vibrant African American community existed as part of Philadelphia. The Bottom, also known as Black Bottom, was located roughly between 33rd and 40th streets east and west and to Lancaster and University Boulevard in what Philadelphia city planners called Area 3. It was a place that transcended the physical infrastructure of the city. This community existed from the early 1900s until the mid-to-late 1950s before state and federal urban renewal displaced its residents. It was in 1984 that the first reunion of former Bottom residents was held, and later this lost community was honored by the City of Philadelphia. In 1999, the city declared the last Sunday in August as “Black Bottom Day,” as a tribute to the legacy and the history of this lost community. It is through Bottom Tales and Others that this vanished community of over 5000 residents again lives. Like raising Lazarus from the dead, author Loretta Moore brings this once-thriving community back to life for you to experience, along with the edifying journeys the Bottom inspires.

 A look inside BOTTOM TALES sample story (PDF)




The Nanon Factor

(Young Adult Science Fiction-Mystery)

    by Wayne Carey

                                      Softcover: 344 pages

                                      Language: English

                                                  ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-04-6

                                     Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5  inches


The professor has been murdered and only his pets know why . . .

Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and the murder of a professor whose work challenges the definition of “human intelligence” collide in this gripping young-adult mystery. With her neighbor, Professor Wallace, found shot to death, sixteen-year-old Katie Tyler takes it upon herself to care for his orphaned pets, a German Shepherd named Sam and a cat named Sophia. Katie, a martial arts student, soon discovers there is far more to these animals than anyone could imagine: they are subjects of the late professor’s work and the recipients of enhanced intelligence, which combined with their own animal senses makes Sam and Sophia “superhuman.” With her father, Police Detective Tyler, at a loss to solve the case, it is up to Katie, Sam, Sophia and a rat (named “Rat”) to unravel the mystery, find the professor’s killers, and prevent the discovery of the century from falling into evil hands. Will they make it?

A look inside THE NANON FACTOR (PDF) 




Short Fuse

(Science Fiction)

    by Brent D. Seth

                                      Softcover: 300 pages

                                      Language: English

                                                  ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-03-9

                                     Product Dimensions: 6 X 9  inches


So the entire fate of the galaxy and dozens of alien races rests in the hands of a mega-mart cashier, a cop, and a cat?  

Overweight and over-the-hill, Jason Miller was on the road to nowhere. With a minimum wage job and only Jason’s cat, Leo, for companionship, bad goes to worse when Jason rear-ends a police car containing one very angry cop. Car totaled and about to receive a ticket that will cost a month’s salary, Jason gets a lucky break when a brightly lit Christmas tree suddenly falls out of the sky. At least it looked like a Christmas tree. . . .

        Waking up in a strange place, Jason finds his body is now twenty years younger, his cat is more intelligent than most people he knows, and that cop, in his own newly enhanced body, is still very angry. Jason and his companions soon discover they’re to be used as expendable conscripts in an interstellar war. With his new body and a new mind, force-fed with advanced knowledge, Jason and the others must escape and elude hostile aliens, win a galactic war, and save some new-found alien allies before they’re all blown to bits. The fuse has been lit, and time is running out!

A look inside SHORT FUSE (PDF)




Justi the Gifted

(Fantasy-Adventure )

    by R.R. Brooks

                                      Softcover: 362 pages

                                      Language: English

                                                  ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-02-2

                                      Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches


A gift from a god can be good. But what if it is damaged?

Barbarians, bringing death and slavery, invade and all but destroy the Kingdom of Zell. The only hope for the people’s salvation lies with a young peasant boy. Gifted with a sense of justice by the god Li, this child, named Justi, will grow to be a young man blessed with the power to save the kingdom, meanwhile cursed with a power to kill—a power beyond his control. The prophecy of this wounded land has foretold of Justi’s coming and his meeting with another of the gifted, a young and beautiful girl his age who carries a great secret. But those who stop at nothing, influenced by the dark power of Dar, use kidnapping, assassination, and seduction to block their union and prevent them from fulfilling their destiny. With help from many Zellish, Justi must use powers at his command to avert disaster and to face the one fear that has haunted him: killing an innocent. 

 A look inside JUSTI THE GIFTED (PDF)




Finding Five: Embracing Remembrances of Those Who Have Passed 

(Seagull Books nonfiction division of Leo Publishing )

    by Nancy Stewart Bagshaw

                                      Hardcover: 30 pages

                                      Language: English

                                      ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-01-5

                                      Product Dimensions: 5 X 8 inches


Finding Solace and Comfort in the Memories of Those We Have Lost

  After the death of a loved one, how does a family handle the discussions about that person, especially if the life that was lost was that of a child? Finding Five is a touching and an inspirational account of Katy’s aunt waking to an uneasy feeling on what would have been her niece’s thirteenth birthday but then finding a path on the sand that leads to both peaceful clarity and alternative thinking that shatters taboos. This beautiful book fills the gaps in children’s literature regarding the subject of conversations concerning death and may be read by families looking for comfort or inspiration. It is the celebration of the memories of how a young life was lived that soften the grief of how that life was lost.

 A look inside  Finding Five (PDF)




Das Bell

  (Science Fiction-Alternate History)

 by Chris Berman

                                          Hardcover: 400 pages

                                          Language: English

                                          ISBN-13: 978-1-941157-00-8

                                          Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches


If you think World War Two ended in 1945 . . . think again!

    In April of 1945, with the Allies closing in, Germany is about to be defeated and thousands of the Nazi elite vanish without a trace. From the watery grave of a sunken U-boat, through the enigmatic Plain of Nazca, and to the metropolis of modern-day Berlin, a mystery that imperils the entire world begins to unravel.

 Nazis, alien machines, interdimensional travel, and a world where the United States of America never existed!  Learn the truth of Die Glocke (The Bell) a device so secret that sixty-two top-level scientists were executed by SS General Hans Kammler, rather than let the true nature of this ancient alien device fall into Allied hands. Now a new Reich is about to reclaim what had been lost to them seventy years ago.

 A look inside  Das Bell (PDF)




Five to Fifty: The Search Never Ends

(Seagull Books nonfiction division of Leo Publishing )

                                      by Gayathri Devi Ramachandran

                                      Softcover: 112 pages

                                      Language: English

                                                   ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-9-6

                                      Product Dimensions: 5 X 8 inches


The Quest of Our Everlasting Search for Happiness

Even though our different personalities create a colorful collage, we all match through our constant search for one thing: happiness. Five to Fifty demonstrates the Search by truthfully presenting the point of view of a representative human being at different stages of life. Starting with the pliable age of five, a person named Krish moves simultaneously through the chapters of this book and the chapters of his life. Each chapter puts us into a respective point of view, discusses how a person got into that mindset, and leaves us to further reflection by opening up a discussion. It is through thought and such discussion that one can recognize the potential of one’s happiness. The purpose of the book is not to teach how to be happy, but to showcase the source of happiness; the author’s goal is to have the reader come to a self-realization, rather than come by the prints of the author’s thoughts. Are you ready to search?

The book answers some intriguing questions, such as

  •      Why does a child/teen/young adult behave in such a way?
  •      Is there a formula for basic happiness?
  •     Why is one still not happy in personal success?
  •    Will physical exercise, such as yoga, help us focus on happiness?

We see successful people all the time in search of their own happiness. What is missing? Five to Fifty lays the building blocks to those questions and arms you with examples and adages.

A look inside Five to Fifty: the search never ends (PDF)




(Horror in poetry and prose)

By E.N. De Choudens

                               Hardcover: 200 pages

                                         Language: English

                                         ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-8-9

                                         Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5  inches


Let the Madness Begin!

An intriguing point of view of an insane individual, presented from the perspectives of known personality disorders, makes this book of poetry and prose--as well as this work of horror--a rare find.  De Choudens takes you to unimaginable places, makes you shiver your bones, and uses the empathy card from time to time, all cleverly tricking you to read more, sequentially.  The book is split into four sections: “INSIDE A SINISTER SOUL,” “BEYOND THE GRAVE,” “CREATURES ARE EVERYWHERE,” and “SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.” The main plot begins in a prison cell, at the hand of a very sly and diabolical man. The author cleverly balances the disturbing topic with a little dark humor and twisted love. It’s a story within a story you can’t miss. It all wickedly boils down here, in this imaginative book. 

 A look inside A Quick Look to an Insane Mind (PDF)



(Science Fiction-Horror)

 By Chris Berman

                               Softcover: 290 pages

                                          Language: English

                                         ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-7-2

                                         Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5 inches


                                                    The Horror Awakes!

What is the connection between an archeological find dredged from the depths of a subterranean Siberian lake, a horrific automobile crash in South Florida, and a rash of grizzly deaths within a neighborhood of quiet homes and condominiums? 

 . . . They have slept undisturbed for over 200 million years. Now they’re awake and very, very hungry. The horror is about to begin. No one is safe.

 A look inside Condosaur (Chapter 1, PDF)



                                      Ace of Aces

  (Science Fiction)

 by Chris Berman

                               Hardcover: 608 pages

                                         Language: English

                                          ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-6-5

                                          Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches

 2287: To save their future, they must reach into the past.

 Earth, 2287: After untold thousands of years of bloodshed, humanity is finally at peace. War has been banished by the science of genetics, tempering mankind’s violence, but not our desire to explore the worlds of other suns. However, there are others among the stars who seek our destruction. Facing annihilation, and without military leadership, those of the 23rd century must reach across the sea of time, plucking five Second World War aces from the heat of battle, to train and lead the young and aggressive outcasts of humanity’s Second Enlightenment in the art of aerial combat. Fact meets fiction in a story that weaves the biographies of five actual WW II pilots—Douglas Bader-GB, Gregory Boyington-US, Adolf Galland-D, Lydia Litvyak-USSR, and Saburo Sakai-J—into this fast-paced tale of adventure.

A look inside  Ace of Aces (Chapters 1-3, PDF)



               Aphrodite and Other Poetraits

 (Narrative poetry)

 by Jack Lundy

                               Hardcover: 172 pages

                                         Language: English

                                          ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-5-8

                                          Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5 inches

The mythical poems transport the reader and transcend to the mystifying world of gods and goddesses, where love prevails and long struggles end in glory. The author plays on human sensitivity by creating his worlds to portray something as simple as a word. Follow the adventure in these classical tales, written in prose style with substantial rhyme.  Most poems are accompanied by photographs, depicting the author’s photographic skills.

   A look inside Aphrodite (sample PDF file)


Nikki & Nick are Great Friends to Pick!

Written and Illustrated by Marina Sergeyeva 

                               Hardcover: 34 pages

                                         Language: English

                                         ISBN-10: 0983473544

                                          ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-4-1

                                          Product Dimensions: 8X10 inches


“If you’re looking for a friend that will never end, look in this book and you’ll get hooked….”

A lack of picture books targeting advanced readers created a need for this book. The premise is to recreate the magic of reading, for any generation—such enchantment as in the manner that our first fascinating colorful books delivered—but which accomplishes something beyond, “a book sprinkled with information..“

Nikki and Nick are Great Friends to Pick, combines whimsical poetry, beautiful illustrations, and real facts, and makes a wonderful read bringing parents and children together; recommended for ages six and up.

  A look inside Nikki and Nick (reduced quality PDF file)



  (Science Fiction)

Chris Berman 

                               Hardcover: 354 pages

                                         Language: English

                                        ISBN-10: 0983473536

                                         ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-3-4

                                          Product Dimensions: 6X9 inches


  2018: The conquest of space has just turned deadly!

While America prepares for a return to the Moon in 2020, the Chinese land a military expedition at the lunar South Pole and in defiance of UN treaties: seize the Moon’s subsurface ice fields and mineral resources for the People’s Republic of China. African-American President Cordelier Price, thrust into her role as Commander in Chief by an assassin’s bullet, must enlist the aid of defiant former NASA astronaut, John McGovern, to lead an international coalition and stake a counterclaim. McGovern, however, finds that he must share his command with a beautiful female Russian cosmonaut.Together they face traitors, assassins, and the Chinese military that will stop at nothing to end their quest. As the coalition’s crew battle for their lives on the unforgiving surface of the Moon, China’s true plans for global domination emerge, sending the world on a collision course toward nuclear war.

 In Red Moon, Berman accurately predicted the presence of water ice on the Moon’s south pole months before NASA discovered the huge buried ice fields and chose the date of 2017 for the landing of the Chinese expeditionary mission. Two months after the book’s release, the same date was quoted by the Chinese Space Agency for their moon mission. Red Moon has received high acclaim from both former and current NASA astronauts and engineers.

   A look inside  Red Moon  ( sample  PDF)



The Hive 

 (Science Fiction)

Chris Berman

                               Softcover: 368 pages

                                         Language: English

                                         ISBN-10: 0983473528

                                         ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-2-7

                                          Product Dimensions: 6X9 inches


"Suppose the Aztecs or the Incas knew that Cortez or Pizzaro was on his way with the Conquistador.  They knew it weeks in advance and instead of welcoming them as gods, they met them with every weapon at their disposal. Don't you think history would have been different?"

What if we were forewarned that a hostile alien race was about to exterminate us? An unmanned probe intersects the orbit of an alien device that's been spying on us for years, leading to the ominous discovery of an alien fleet on its way to Earth. With three years warning, can we defend ourselves from an invasion by a horrific alien species? It's a race against time as an international alliance prepares for battle against not only enemies from the stars but also enemies here on Earth.  

Chris Berman has woven true facts with exciting fiction and accurate predictions of the future.  In his first novel, The Hive, Berman envisioned the use of the NERVA nuclear rocket.  A year after the original  release of this book, the Russian Space Agency announced renewed development of this vehicle.  In the same novel, Chris Berman chose the star 61 Virginis as the origin of the Hive fleet, and two years later, a planetary system was confirmed to orbit this star.

    A look inside The Hive (Chapters 1&2, PDF)




(Poetry and short stories)

Marina Sergeyeva 

                               Hardcover: 126 pages

                                         Language: English

                                         ISBN-10: 098347351X

                                         ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-1-0

                                         Product Dimensions: 5.5X8.5 inches


Upstairs is a unique and innovative collection of poetry and prose.  Marina Sergeyeva has created a style of poetry that will beguile and entrap the reader in its multi-dimensional use of space and words, like a literary version of Escher's paintings, Her short stories and prose are remarkable for their twists and turns of logic that will lead the reader down a path of both mystery and surprise.

   A look inside  Upstairs (selected pages, PDF)



 (Science Fiction-Adventure)

Chris Berman  

                               Softcover: 320 pages

                                         Language: English

                                          ISBN-10: 0983473501

                                          ISBN-13: 978-0-9834735-0-3

                                           Product Dimensions: 6X9 inches


The adventures of Jack Bellingham, a seventeenth century pirate captain, who is taken captive by aliens. He goes from being a specimen to a hero and an accepted member of an interstellar pirate crew due to his intelligence and bravery. Jack prospers and eventually commands his own pirate starship, but a close encounter with a time shifting black hole has Jack Bellingham returning to Earth in the twenty-first century instead of the 1700s! With his small shuttle shot out of the sky by the Cubans, Bellingham armed with high tech weapons and his seventeenth century chivalry must find a way to get back into space, while protecting the life of a young woman and her eight year old daughter from an abusive and dangerous ex-husband.

Chris Berman's  novel Star Pirates will take you, the reader, on an incredible adventure that stretches from the late 1600s to the twenty-first century and across the blue-green seas of the Caribbean toward the black depths of space.

When author Chris Berman penned Star Pirates and created the character of Captain Jack Bellingham, the gentleman pirate, he did not realize that real life pirate Sam Bellamy--known as the “prince of pirates”--actually existed. Renowned for his education, generosity to victims, and lack of violence, Sam Bellamy was a rarity in his era.  Like the historical Sam Bellamy, Jack Bellingham was born in Devonshire, England and shares many attributes with the real pirate, including his handsome looks, blue-gray eyes, and jet black hair. The real Sam Bellamy’s ship, the Whydah, was lost in a storm off of Cape Cod.  Some say that Sam Bellamy was braving the storm to return to the arms of his true love, Maria. Bellamy’s ship was wrecked close to shore with only a few survivors making it to land, but Sam Bellamy’s body was never recovered.  Perhaps fate intervened in the form of an alien expedition on the hunt for human specimens, and just perhaps, in this day and age, the real Captain Sam Bellamy is sailing the void between the stars…


    A look inside  Star Pirates (Chapters 1&2, PDF)

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