Poetry and Short Stories

 Illustration by Marina Buryak



(Collection of short stories)

By Loretta Moore



Imagine a community where neighbors all know and assist each other, where they never have to lock their doors. A myth, a pleasant dream? No, this once-vibrant African American community existed as part of Philadelphia. The Bottom, also known as Black Bottom, was located roughly between 33rd and 40th streets east and west and to Lancaster and University Boulevard in what Philadelphia city planners called Area 3. It was a place that transcended the physical infrastructure of the city. This community existed from the early 1900s until the mid-to-late 1950s before state and federal urban renewal displaced its residents. It was in 1984 that the first reunion of former Bottom residents was held, and later this lost community was honored by the City of Philadelphia. In 1999, the city declared the last Sunday in August as “Black Bottom Day,” as a tribute to the legacy and the history of this lost community. It is through Bottom Tales and Others that this vanished community of over 5000 residents again lives. Like raising Lazarus from the dead, author Loretta Moore brings this once-thriving community back to life for you to experience, along with the edifying journeys the Bottom inspires.




(Horror in poetry and prose)

By E.N. De Choudens


 An intriguing point of view of an insane individual, presented from the perspectives of known personality disorders, makes this book of poetry and prose--as well as this work of horror--a rare find.  De Choudens takes you to unimaginable places, makes you shiver your bones, and uses the empathy card from time to time, all cleverly tricking you to read more, sequentially.  The book is split into four sections: “INSIDE A SINISTER SOUL,” “BEYOND THE GRAVE,” “CREATURES ARE EVERYWHERE,” and “SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.” The main plot begins in a prison cell, at the hand of a very sly and diabolical man. The author cleverly balances the disturbing topic with a little dark humor and twisted love. It’s a story within a story you can’t miss. It all wickedly boils down here, in this imaginative book. 


“ . . . E.N. De Choudens’ debut collection is a complex gathering of poems and haiku revolving around themes of loss, insanity and dread. Ranging from the cold depths of the asylum to the colder depths of endless space, this collection contains a variety of poems designed to both stir the heart and send a chill down the spine.

 A beautiful collection . . . this book is more than worth your patronage.”

~  Jacob Milnestein – Psychopomp: A Quarterly Anthology,  and author of      



“. . . What if [the] mind is a stream of consciousness that flows, intact, from one lifetime to the next . . . Meet END, found guilty of heinous crimes and sentenced to an insane asylum . . . Hear END’s confessions. . . . epistolary prose, media reportage, and confessional poetry. . . [In] A Quick Look To An Insane Mind, E.N. De Choudens ushers you through the serial incarnations of a supposedly insane individual. But which is more insane—the obsessive-compulsive dynamic of stalker and prey, the forensic system that labels individuals as such, the asylum wardens who deprive the accused, or the inmates themselves . . .?” 

                             ~Terrie Leigh Relf, author of The Poet’s Workshop—and Beyond!~


A whirling, restless view into a darker mind…A Quick Look To An Insane Mind takes you on a journey into places better left alone…a trip into madness and decay.”

 ~Best-Selling, Award-Winning Horror Sinisteria Author, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc~


A fascinating collection of dark poetry exploring the mind of a serial killer. A man judged by law to be mentally ill but not being of the same opinion.”

                                                                                    ~Lisa Knight -Artifice Comic- UK~




Aphrodite and Other Poetraits

By Jack Lundy


The mythical poems transport the reader and transcend to the mystifying world of gods and goddesses, where love prevails and long struggles end in glory. The author plays on human sensitivity by creating his worlds to portray something as simple as a word. Follow the adventure in these classical tales, written in prose style with substantial rhyme. Most poems are accompanied by photographs, depicting the author’s photographic skills.





By Marina Sergeyeva 


"When reading this book, challenge yourself to find the hidden rhymes, meanings, and play-on-words, but also simply appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. With my poetry’s unique forms, I intended to animate fresh interest to the cherished classical style." 

-Marina Sergeyeva-

Upstairs is a unique and innovative collection of poetry and prose. Marina Sergeyeva has created a style of poetry that will beguile and entrap the reader in its multi-dimensional use of space and words, like a literary version of  Escher's paintings, Her short stories and prose are remarkable for their twists and turns of logic that will lead the reader down a path of both mystery and surprise.

"An outstanding analytical and mathematical ability in a soul of a talented writer is rare...Upstairs embodies the talents of a creative writer, poet, and mathematician. I recommend, without reservation, Upstairs as both thought-provoking entertainment and intellectual enlightenment."
 -Chris Berman- Science Fiction Author


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