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  A collection of short stories about "The Bottom," an African American community that existed until the early 1960s in the city of Philadelphia.



 Releases- 2015



ISBN: 978-1-941157-04-6 

The professor has been murdered and only his pets know why . . .Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and the murder of a professor whose work challenges the definition of “human intelligence” collide in this gripping young-adult mystery.


ISBN: 978-1-941157-03-9 

So the entire fate of the galaxy and dozens of alien races rests in the hands of a mega-mart cashier, a cop, and a cat?  This unlikely trio must elude hostile aliens, win a galactic war, and save some new-found alien allies before they’re all blown to bits. The fuse has been lit, and time is running out!



ISBN: 978-1-941157-02-2 

A gift from a god can be good. But what if it is damaged?Barbarians, bringing death and slavery, invade and all but destroy the Kingdom of Zell. The only hope for the people’s salvation lies with a young peasant boy.



 Releases- 2014


ISBN: 978-1-941157-01-5

Finding Five, released through Seagull Books, the nonfiction division of Leo Publishing, is a celebration of young life cut tragically short.



ISBN: 978-1-941157-00-8

In April of 1945, with the Allies closing in, Germany is about to be defeated and thousands of the Nazi elite vanish without a trace. From the watery grave of a sunken U-boat, through the enigmatic Plain of Nazca, and to the metropolis of modern-day Berlin, a mystery that imperils the entire world begins to unravel.


 ISBN: 978-0-9834735-9-6

Throughout our lives, we all search for one thing: happiness. Five to Fifty demonstrates the Search by truthfully presenting this journey through a representative human being at different stages of life.



 Releases- 2013



 An intriguing point of view of the criminally insane… Horrific imagery… Clever… masterfully and artfully crafted… poetry and narrative… A story within a story.




  They have slept undisturbed for over two hundred million years. Now they are awake and very, very hungry. The horror is about to begin…





Five real life WW 2 aces are snatched out of the timeline to battle an alien enemy in the far future. Can four men and one woman, enemies to each other, become allies to save the remnants of the human race?


Releases- 2012




Narrative poetry honoring the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the beauty of the natural world.



A delightful children’s book to be read together by parent and child, filled with amusing poems and useful information.




Reissued through Leo Publishing in 2012


In the near future, China seizes the resources of the Moon forcing a US Russian coalition to stake a counterclaim as the nations creep closer to World War Three.





 Reissued through Leo Publishing in 2012

The Earth has been found; the Hive is coming! With only three years to prepare to defend the world against these horrific alien invaders, can humanity survive?


 Releases- 2011




  ISBN: 978-0-9834735-1-0

A unique collection of poetry, prose and short stories by a brilliant young author. The twists and turns of logic will enthrall readers of this book.





ISBN: 978-0-9834735-0-3

The adventures of Jack Bellingham: 17th century pirate, captured by aliens. His life upon the sea becomes a life among the stars until fate returns him to Earth in the 21st century.



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by Wayne Carey



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by Chris Berman



Al’dair: The Adventures of Anthony Michaels

by Wayne Carey



White Star in a Red Sky

by Chris Berman
















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