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(Young Adult Science Fiction-Mystery)

 By Wayne Carey

“Non-stop action and a great deal of fun, THE NANON FACTOR features characters, furred and otherwise, who ring true and make us care. Highly enjoyable.”

~Julie E. Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles from DAW Books


"Fast-paced fun with intelligent house pets, murder, mystery, and speculation."

~John E. Stith- Nebula Award nominee and author of Redshift Rendezvous


"A fun read! Meet Sam and Sophia, who are not your average detectives. Especially since they have a huge handicap to overcome in order to find a killer. Katie Tyler and her family join the investigation, providing a way through the handicap but also complicating matters. Too vague a teaser? It's meant to be! This story was a lot of fun and I cannot give more details without giving things away! The characters are believable, Katie's worries are sympathetic, and the twists in the investigation are welcome-and the pseudo-science underlying the story definitely adds an extra bit of spice. Wayne Carey weaves a great tale and one hopefully will grab you and hold on!"

~Herika R Raymer



(Science Fiction)

 By Brent D. Seth 

“Take the character of Ash from The Evil Dead, throw in a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly and a feline, and you've got the makings of a comedic CATastrophe in Short Fuse!”

~Kage Alan, author of Twink Ninja Tiger, Flaxen Buns Of Fury


“If you liked Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love Short Fuse! Brent Seth takes you on a whirlwind ride where the entire fate of the universe rests with two men and a cat, all plucked from Earth and dropped into the midst of an intergalactic war. A nonstop tale of adventure, punctuated with droll humor that you just can’t put down. Five stars for Short Fuse!”

~Chris Berman, military historian and science fiction author of six novels, including Das Bell




 By R.R. Brooks 

“A fun quick read, Justi the Gifted leaves you wanting more.”

 ~LB Tillit, award-winning author of the Gravel Road series


“From the start, the reader is pulled into this Tolkienesque tale of a protagonist unwilling to believe at first of his special powers and the quest he must undertake to impose justice in a world of marauding barbarians. The writing sets a pace that makes the book hard to put down. The author paints vivid images in a rich tableau of memorable characters. Justi the Gifted is a happy diversion for all of us escapees from humdrum reality.  Entertaining and fun.”

 ~Rob Jacoby, writing as Robert Ryland, The Little Rock Messenger and Dream Traveler



 FINDING FIVE: Embracing Remembrances of Those Who Have Passed

(Juvenile nonfiction of loss and remembrance)

By Nancy Stewart Bagshaw

“Finding five reminds us of an important part of the grieving process: to celebrate the lives of our passed loved ones by embracing their unique beauty, the laughter and lessons they enriched us with; and to be grateful to have had the gift of their presence, even if for just a short while. Finding Five also reminds us of the bond of love that forever unites us and the hope that our spirits rise above the weight of suffering where ultimately, all is well. While this is a reassuring message for all ages, it is especially so for youngsters who are struck with the fear and despair of realizing mortality for the first time. Katy’s love of life, her courage and the joyful presence felt that summer morning, helped her aunt leave anxiety and unrest behind to focus on the never-ending, sentimental treasures of life instead, It is a wonderful story to be shared with those children who are grieving a loss. It can be used as a springboard to invite them to begin their own journey of remembrance and celebration as a positive way to move through this very difficult process. Finding Five is a short, but deeply touching and powerful message to be inspired by-much like Katy’s legacy. “

~Lauren Sebor: school psychologist


"This book truly gives meaning to the notion of a celebration of life, and depicts a family's way of healing through the grieving process"

 ~Jaime Balsam: school social worker




(Science Fiction-Alternate History)

 By Chris Berman 

“. . . Chris Berman continues to churn out noteworthy science fiction. Since he published “The Hive” in 2009, our world has been attacked by aliens in many forms.

"In his latest, “Das Bell,” they take the form of Nazis from World War II. This enemy is not Nazi-like, but the real thing that escaped the final days of the war by passing through a portal to an alternative world. There they quickly subjugated a peaceful and nontechnical populace. Using them as slave labor to build deadly modern weaponry, now they are ready to invade by coming back through a portal to continue the struggle for world domination. Their deadly fifth column advance force of infiltrators reads like a who’s who of government bureaucrats.

“Although this all sounds irritatingly similar to an Indiana Jones saga, according to military historian Berman, this premise is based on fact. “The Bell” was one of the mysterious weapons from unknown (read: alien) sources that Nazi scientists were tinkering with at the end of hostilities. Berman incorporates and offers answers to other historical mysteries floating around from that era.

“Throw in a handsome American archaeologist/History Channel star, a “stunningly beautiful” Ukrainian academician, and a slightly over-the-hill (NEVER!) U.S. Navy SEAL, as well as a couple of alternate-world patriots, and you have a band of worthy adversaries that would make Clive Cussler
salivate . . .”

~Tim O’Connell, book reviewer: The Florida Times Union


A dashing American scientist and a beautiful Ukrainian historian race to foil Nazi super-tech schemes and solve the secret of parallel worlds, gosh. Sample any page for nonstop action!"  

~ David Brin: New York Times–bestselling author of The Postman and The Practice Effect~


“If you like a fun thriller exploring the edges of physical science, you'll love this story; throw in a parallel universe, dimension-hopping Nazis, and a wildly different outcome to World War Two - complete with American Indian empires - and you have a fun ride!"

~Dr. Joseph P. Farrell: a researcher and investigator of alternative technologies, and an author of over nineteen books on this subject, including The SS Brotherhood of the Bell~  


“A very well written book! The idea that the Nazis made a device so advanced, it has the power to influence the future, our future. . . .  It's not over yet.”

~Igor Witkowski: Polish journalist and researcher into the history of the Nazi Bell. Author of The Wunderwaffe~


“Chris Berman has written a fast paced cross between time traveling science fiction, political thriller and mystery novel that is sure to entertain.   Das Bell has enough plausibility to allow you to suspend disbelief and is true enough to life to catch you up in the adventure.” 

 ~ John Broom- PhD: Professor of military history- Norwich University, Northfield, VT~



FIVE TO FIFTY: The Search Never Ends

(Personal Growth | Happiness)

By Gayathri Devi Ramachandran 

This little book is packed with delicious treasures and insight for the hungry soul.                                                                                                                               
       ~Marina Sergeyeva, author of Upstairs~




(Horror in poetry and prose)

By E.N. De Choudens

“ . . . De Choudens did something unique.  He has taken a collection of poems with a narrative and ties it all together that makes it feel like a novel.

       The collection begins with END, a criminally insane man who offers to tell his view of his story despite the limitations of his cell.  Through the poems, haikus and narratives, you get a view of END’s life, what has happened to him and what he sees as the future of things . . . when you doubt yourself about what his character is, he reminds you that END is a bad person and is really crazy.  It is this off balanced approach that makes you want to keep reading forward to see what is on the next page. What ties it all together is the

narrative which is used sparingly but effectively . . .” 

~Blood Moon Rising Magazine~


“ . . . E.N. De Choudens’ debut collection is a complex gathering of poems and haiku revolving around themes of loss, insanity and dread. Ranging from the cold depths of the asylum to the colder depths of endless space, this collection contains a variety of poems designed to both stir the heart and send a chill down the spine.

 A beautiful collection . . . this book is more than worth your patronage.

      ~  Jacob Milnestein – Psychopomp: A Quarterly Anthology,  and author of                                                                                                                               Sophistry-UK~


“. . . What if [the] mind is a stream of consciousness that flows, intact, from one lifetime to the next . . . Meet END, found guilty of heinous crimes and sentenced to an insane asylum . . . Hear END’s confessions. . . . epistolary prose, media reportage, and confessional poetry. . . [In] A Quick Look To An Insane Mind, E.N. De Choudens ushers you through the serial incarnations of a supposedly insane individual. But which is more insane—the obsessive-compulsive dynamic of stalker and prey, the forensic system that labels individuals as such, the asylum wardens who deprive the accused, or the inmates themselves . . .? 

                             ~Terrie Leigh Relf, author of The Poet’s Workshop—and Beyond!~


“A whirling, restless view into a darker mind…A Quick Look To An Insane Mind takes you on a journey into places better left alone…a trip into madness and decay.”

      ~Best-Selling, Award-Winning Horror Sinisteria Author, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc~


“A fascinating collection of dark poetry exploring the mind of a serial killer. A man judged by law to be mentally ill but not being of the same opinion.”

                                                                                    ~Lisa Knight -Artifice Comic- UK~





(Science Fiction-Horror)

 By Chris Berman

“. . . Chris Berman (“Red Moon” and “The Hive”) has outdone himself.

His new thriller involves real people facing and dealing with a believable, nightmarish horror. Written in a freewheeling, breathtaking style reminiscent of Michael Crichton and Peter Benchley, Condosaur is set in Boca Raton, the South Florida community of wealthy retirees — fodder for a creature that was on the top of the food chain 200 million years ago.

. . . a multifaceted adventure that will have everyone looking over their shoulder when they take out the nightly trash . . .

 Condosaur should soon attract the movie folks. Let’s hope their last names are Spielberg or Emmerich.”

~Tim O’Connell, book reviewer: The Florida Times Union


CONDOSAUR is an old-fashioned monster movie in well-crafted prose, so much so that it's easy to imagine John Agar and Richard Carlson in central roles. But Chris Berman brings new life to the classic tropes with sharp observations about life in academia and contemporary Florida.” 



"Fans of Jurassic Park will enjoy Chris Berman's suspenseful clash of predator and prey that turns sleepy South Florida into feeding grounds in which no man, woman or child is safe from ancient hunters -- a fast, danger-packed read." 

~Sandra McDonald, author of Boomerang World, The Stars Down Under, and The Stars Blue Yonder~


"Condosaur goes where Jurassic Park longed to stray, a full on dino invasion on American Soil . . . chomping down on everything and everybody that get in their way. . . . Condosaur reads like a nostalgic treat . . . The science feels right and I even found myself learning as the story progressed.

 . . . If you enjoy a monster romp with humour and plenty of intestines dripping from jagged jaws you’re in for a treat . . ."

                 ~ Nathan Robinson- Snakebite Horror Magazine, UK~   



(Science Fiction)

By Chris Berman

"Chris Berman has written an imaginative and original novel, casting real historical figures into an almost unimaginable future war. Ace of Aces is great fun for both science fiction and aviation buffs."

~Dr. Reina Pennington, PhD-History. Former US Air Force officer and author of Wings, Women and War: Soviet Airwomen in World War II Combat~


"Chris Berman has crafted a fascinating scenario in which the skill and bravery of twentieth century warriors is not only esteemed three centuries in the future, but considered indispensable. Indeed, in Berman’s carefully crafted future world, the heroes and heroines of the past are considered with such high regard, that they are imported into the future to fight the battles of the twenty-fourth century. Berman does an excellent job of capturing the individual personalities of his multi-national corps of real World War II fighter aces who are now tasked with the incredible mission of saving the future."

~Bill Yenne author of The White Rose of Stalingrad: The Real-Life Adventure of Lidiya Litvyak, and Aces High: The Heroic Story of the Two Top-Scoring American Aces of World War II~


Aphrodite and Other Poetraits

(Narrative poetry)

By Jack Lundy

Aphrodite and other Poetraits is a collection of poems combined with photos by Mr. Lundy. The first poem of the collection: Aphrodite of Rhodes is a poem of 771lines that is absolutely fantastic. Lost Magicosmos Psalms From Our Other Holy Book is another long poem that is fantastic too. The short poems are from the equal quality of the long ones and the great exposure of the female beauty in most of the pieces make the book a really delightful experience. Without doubt, the book is going to invite the reader to read it more than once.”

                                                                            5/5 Stars. Reviewed on Amazon.com


Nikki & Nick are Great Friends to Pick! 

(Children’s book) 

By Marina Sergeyeva

"Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick" is a series of illustrated, illuminated poems to be read by parent and child together. Poems' subjects range from the need to cultivate respectful tidiness to unhealthy disputes. Each page has a child's poem and a parent's suggestion and enrichment page with full page illustrations spilling over throughout. Vocabulary is incorporated first into the verse and then into the illustrations, with brief definitions. Charming whimsical pastel illustrations lend a touch of fantasy, while unusual language choices spice up the narrative verse. A poem titled "A-Bun-Done-T Goodies" addresses computer readiness and literacy, for example. Characters Nikki and Nick help open up this strange and inviting world. An example of a witty poem is Detective Duck: "You know what I once noticed/when looking at a masked face of a duck?/ He tried to disguise yet fell flat so hissed./ Then wolf on his beak creaked ajar. (No, no QUACK!)/... But I was painfully kissed. :'(/ (So I guess he won on his luck!)" For an intriguing experience of exploring books and poems together, read "Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick" with your closest 6 year old."

         ~ The Midwest Book Review--Children’s Bookwatch~



 (Science Fiction)

By Chris Berman

" RED MOON is captivating. I couldn't stop reading it. It is very believable. The book will hold the attention of even the most jaded reader. I recommend RED MOON without hesitation."

~Dr. Norman E. Thagard- US NASA Astronaut~

"RED MOON is a look into what may happen when China takes over NASA's leadership in space.  A page turner with a real possibility that it may not actually be science fiction."

~Scott MacLeod, Lunar Module Test Astronaut~

"RED MOON is an exciting novel about space exploration.. A good read."

~Captain Edgar Mitchell- command pilot of the Apollo 14 lunar lander and 6th Astronaut to walk the Moon~

"...The novel is a fast read with believable situations and characters..."RED MOON" is a Ben Bova type of science fiction novel!"

                                                                                                ~Midwest  Book Review~



 (Science Fiction)

By Chris Berman 

The Hive has qualities that were championed by no less than John W.Campbell, Jr.!. . .An astounding work of logical science fiction.”

                 ~Brad Linaweaver, best-selling author of Moon of Ice and Sliders~


"Berman's The Hive, has characters that are well fleshed out and a writing style that takes the reader on a whirlwind ride to the final confrontation between the two races of being."

~Midwest Book Review~

"The Hive,  is a unique novel...what I like most about this book was the simple solutions...an excellent novel that is hard to put down."

~Jeff Mitchell- PhD Professor at MIT and former NASA astronaut representative~



(Poetry and Short Stories)

By Marina Sergeyeva

Upstairs by Marina Sergeyeva is a collection of poems and short stories... The first part of the book is poetry written when she was a young girl. There is childlike whimsy in some of her verse, while in others poems, we see a deep understanding of a world that can be beautiful one moment and unkind the next. The latter part of the book has some of her more recent work, including poems that stretch the boundaries of the written form as well as the mind. Finally, the book finishes with two short stories...one about a doctor and his challenges in life and his triumphs while the other is a thriller about a woman who finds her husband is a killer...and what she must do about it. The author/poet never gets stuck in one genre, but defies convention and writes from multiple perspectives. A beautiful book...It's nice to see there are still poets out there! I can't wait to see what Ms. Sergeyeva writes next!”

                ~Jefferson N. (Jefferson) reviewed Upstairs on paperbackswap.com~



 (Science Fiction-Adventure)

    By Chris Berman

"Shades of Errol Flynn! STAR PIRATES is an enjoyable romp, melding Captain Kidd with Captain Kirk. Great entertainment."

 ~Ben Bova, PhD- Best selling author and Hugo Award winner~



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